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Premieres & films in development

THE CONCERT MASTER wins in the feature film category at the Berlin Lift-Off Festival 2024!

The feature film THE CONCERT MASTER was one of the highest rated projects at the Berlin Lift-Off Festival and is on the nomination list for the Seasons Awards in the category "Best Feature Live Action Narrative". This film was the result of several artists joining forces to form the WESDM Movies Company. I worked on this movie as co-producer, visual designer and in a supporting role and I am now looking forward to what I hope will come next. The goal is to bring the film to theaters around the world! 


THE CONCERT MASTER auf Instagram: "If I win, you'll join the orchestra" ...

Berlin LIFT-OFF Film Festival brings authentic independent films by emerging artists from around the world to the big screen, fostering connections between the German and international markets. The aim is to strengthen contact between artists and audiences and establish an experimental platform that cultivates voices and boosts careers in the creative indie sector.


THE CONCERT MASTER is about the young florist WALTER, who plays the violin fantastically well. He is given the unique change to replace the solo violinist EMMA in FRANK SCHUBERT's orchestera, who has had an accident. But there's a problem: WALTER finds it difficult to play sheet music and panics about learning it.


Camera rolling ... 

A journey and film project full of magic and mysticism will begin in the summer of 2024 at Lake Baikal and will be completed over a longer period of time at Lake Titicaca.
The project, initiated by Mara Ohm, is more than just a journey. It will also be a film that will document our journey and show other people around the world how important it is to strengthen the connection between people and nature. Donations for the realization of this project are very welcome: gofundme

Camera rolling ... 

"Filming location Namibia - Moving on Red Sand “

"You have to come and dance in the red desert," Visolela Rosa Namises said to Paramyjoti about 5 years ago.
Now the time has come. Following our film "Moving into the Infinite" (directed by Paramyjoti C.G. Stieber), we will continue the journey and shoot an essay film in Namibia.
Together with Paramyjoti, the dancer Haymich Oliver and the poet and musician Nesindano "Khoes" Namises, Visolela will encounter the people and myths who have always lived in the desert and whose ancestors were nomads.
In May, we set off to Namibia for research and the first recordings. Requests for funding and appeals for donations for this project are in progress.


New releases

Trio Soundrise releases its first CD "Emergy"

Stephanie Lepp on flute, Levan Andria on cello and Marko Mrdja on piano inspire with Markus Stockhausen (trumpet) as guest with their first CD. The short film was created as a release campaign for the CD "Emergy" in Spielberg in collaboration with sound engineer Benedikt Fuchs, who recorded the wonderful, very inspiring music in the studio.


Feb. 13 ...

Manfred Kluger experienced this day in 1945 as a child in a cellar in Dresden. A short film by Peter Grimm & Eckart Reichl. This film describes the beginning of the documentary about the attacks on Dresden at the end of the Second World War. We want the film to have completed by February 13, 2025.